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Get to grips with Google Analytics (GA4) and convert more visitors into sales and leads

By LBF2022 (other events)

Wednesday, November 9 2022 9:30 AM 4:30 PM BST

With Google’s Universal Analytics ceasing to work from 1 July 2023, it is imperative to get GA4 properly set up as soon as possible. This workshop will show you how to get everything you want from GA4 and understand more about your website visitors, followed by comprehensive tips on generating more conversions from your site.

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**This is a two-day workshop taking place on the 9 and 23 of November. By booking you are confirming your attendance on both dates.

GA4 is completely different to Universal Analytics and data cannot be shared between them, making it essential to fully understand how to set up GA4 and how to use its new reporting interface. Many people are left bewildered by the new system and cannot find the reports and data they want, so the first day of this workshop will walk you through the set up from first principles to creating reports to replicate the ones we’re all used to from Universal Analytics and the new features that add power beyond Universal Analytics’ capabilities.

The second day explains the principles of conversion rate optimisation and features a wealth of practical tips and examples to help you improve your website and convert more visitors into sales and leads – all of which is measured with GA4 of course! You’ll learn everything from the psychology of decision making to the principles of good user experience.

What will we cover:

  • Installing GA4 using Google Tag Manager
  • How to trigger events and send data to GA4
  • How to use the reporting interface of GA4
  • Replicating common Universal Analytics reports in GA4
  • Creating custom GA4 reports tailored to your needs
  • Key elements of a website users expect to see
  • The psychology of decision making
  • How to write more persuasive content
  • Considerations for design and layout of web pages
  • How to test changes for their impact on your conversion rate

What outcomes can you expect from joining us?

After attending this event you will:

  • Know how to install GA4 on your website
  • Be able to get key information about website visitors in GA4
  • Understand how to create custom GA4 reports for additional insight
  • Have a range of ideas for how to improve your website’s conversion rate
  • Know how to implement and test changes to your site for conversion rate optimisation

Who should attend this event?

This webinar/workshop is for anyone who needs reports on their website visitors and/or wants to understand how users behave on their site in order to generate more business. No prior knowledge of Google Analytics nor any technical knowledge of web design is required.

To attend this fully-funded event, your organisation must be registered and verified as eligible to receive support through the Digital Upscaler project.

If not already, you may be asked to complete an SME enrolment form before attending. Kam Atker will contact you to complete your registration process.

Any questions please contact: Events and Engagement Officer Kam Atker on 07971 403786, email: [email protected]