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Frame Your Business

By LBF2022 (other events)

Monday, November 14 2022 4:00 PM 6:00 PM BST

Be it employment or financial issues, taking early control of these situations before they take control of you and your business is fundamental. We want to help you line up your options, reduce your costs and stress and avoid you falling foul of the line! Strike Now!

You will have the opportunity to hear from two experts:

  • Charlotte Clarke
  • Ruby Rai

Charlotte Clarke, an Insolvency Solicitor and Ruby Rai an Employer Lawyer will both be bringing their expertise and commercial acumen to this event. The financial health of a business is key to the decision-making process going forwards and the business’s employees will be tasked with ensuring those processes are brought to fruition.

The idea is to talk about (and assist with identifying) issues and situations that may arise when managing your business which may become “red flag” issues if left unchecked, be that reviewing your employment structure and documentation or taking stock of any financial difficulties (no matter how small) so that early advice can be sought and options for remedying issues remain available.

We appreciate that running a business is challenging and sometimes best practice can be hard to follow when life gets in the way. But taking early advice and preventative action saves time, worry and money in the long term.