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Thursday, November 17 2022 2:00 PM 4:00 PM BST

Starting a business is exciting, rewarding and terrifying – all at the same time. Whether you are contemplating stepping into the world of the self-employed, incubating a brilliant idea or already up and running and now realising all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know, this session is perfect for you.

20% of businesses fail in the first year, and 60% don’t make it beyond year three. That’s because many start-ups don’t have a full understanding of everything they are taking on when they make a start and get tripped up as a result. That's where our experts come in.

Join the combined wisdom of the Start Talk Grow team as we walk you though the journey of a new business start-up. We’ll cover everything you need to consider from:

  • Company structure – sole-trader vs partnership vs limited company
  • Basic accounting and tax – what you need to track and what you need to pay
  • Being an employer – first considerations if you want to take on staff
  • How to set your pricing – so you make a profit!
  • Marketing – both online and offline to generate new business
  • Protecting your intellectual property – so your brilliant idea remains yours
  • Financial considerations for you and your family – savings pensions and investments
  • Data protection and cyber security – the things you can’t ignore (but plenty of small businesses do!)
  • Health and safety – keeping you, your staff and your customers safe and well.

Feeling a bit daunted by that list! Don’t worry – we’ll break it all down to make it easy for you to understand and then explain how you can get more help in any or all these areas.

This is a rare opportunity to be in a room with business growth experts to share their knowledge, experience, answer your questions, and offer you support. Every member of Start Talk Grow has started and run a successful business and we have a wealth of experience of the highs (and occasional lows) of life as an entrepreneur.

Join us to explore how you start; stay to talk with us and learn; take that knowledge away to apply as you grow.