The Circle Clubs November Networking Event

By LBF2022 (other events)

Friday, November 11 2022 8:30 AM 11:00 AM GMT

The Circle Clubs’ monthly Members' Meetings are a place for members (and guests) to come together to receive business advice/support, increase your reach, learn from our expert Guest Speakers, expand your network and build on any existing business connections.


  • An interactive workshop on 'The Importance of PR' hosted by our expert Guest Speaker, Daisy Souster of Daisy Craydon PR.
  • The chance to introduce yourself and your business to the group. 
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and pastries.
  • Multiple networking opportunities.
  • A 10-minute 'Member in the Circle' speaking slot.
  • The opportunity to stay accountable for your goals by setting an accountability with us at the end of the meeting. We'll check in with you in a month's time to see how you got on!

Guest Workshop - 'The Importance of PR' hosted by our expert Guest Speaker, Daisy Souster of Daisy Craydon PR.

Every other Member’s Meeting features an original interactive workshop run by an expert Guest Speaker which educates attendees on either business or personal growth topics.

This month we will be hearing from Daisy Souster of Daisy Craydon PR who will be discussing 'The Importance of PR'. She will be covering top tips, tricks, and helpful advice that is not 'sales based' but a way for them to adapt these skills into their everyday life when thinking about media perception

About Daisy Craydon PR:

An ambitious Marketing and PR guru with extensive consumer and business to business experience. Daisy has an undeniable passion for promoting and protecting clients and campaigns, plus the ability to gain all the results necessary and more. Daisy is a performance-driven PR expert, with a focus on delivering tangible, demonstrable return on investment for all her clients. Her goal is always to deliver campaigns that drive pipeline, sales and company growth.

Member in the Circle - Joanne Warren of Sunrise Care Advisers

Joanne is an award-winning Care Navigator and owner of Sunrise Care Advisors.

About Sunrise Care Advisers 

Sunrise Care Advisors provide practical advice and information to help you understand and manage health issues, care issues and funding and financial issues involving the NHS, Adult Social Services and either care at home or in a residential setting.

Sunrise care advisors are dedicated to helping families and their older loved ones be fully informed and remain in control.

Our Member’s Meetings are also a safe place for attendees to voice any problems or concerns they may have. These concerns will then be discussed by the group who offer honest, strategic feedback to help the individual or business move forward and grow faster.