Biodiversity Conservation Opportunities at Twycross Zoo

By LBF2022 (other events)

Thursday, November 10 2022 12:30 PM 1:30 PM BST

NOW is the time to work together to gather and disseminate essential knowledge to empower people, industries, and governments to live in harmony with nature by protecting and nourishing the diversity of organisms on the planet.    

Twycross Zoo - East Midland Zoological Society Ltd. is a conservation charity whose vision is “to educate and inspire people to care about, and therefore save, the other species with which we share our planet, and to become a recognised “Centre of Excellence” that makes a significant contribution to the welfare and conservation of animals, especially primates, as a conservation charity and zoo.”

Twycross’s development of the brand-new NSCC (National Science and Conservation Centre) is one of the practical steps Twycross is taking to help address the planets environmental crisis.  The NSCC is a high-profile science and conservation ‘centre of excellence’ designed to facilitate greater biodiversity conservation in partnership. The NSCC will deliver targeted training to educate future conservationists and conservation leaders, it will enable researchers and academics to study endangered species in naturalistic complex environments and enable greater number of business collaborations to research, develop and implement conservation solutions.

The aim of the online event is to raise awareness of Twycross Zoo’s current and future conservation initiatives such as the NSCC, highlight new collaboration opportunities and engage potential collaborators interested in biodiversity conservation-led research & development and training to protect and conserve endangered species, wildlife, and habitats in partnership.

The event will appeal to:

  • Business directors/managers - interested in learning how they can work with Twycross/NSCC and/or accessing biodiversity conservation research and development and training
  • Academics and Researchers - interested in discussing collaborative research and training partnership opportunities with Twycross/NSCC
  • Individuals/Conservationists - interested in understanding how they can engage with Twycross/NSCC programmes and accessing conservation and animal welfare training.