Why people do what they do

By LBF2022 (other events)

Wednesday, November 9 2022 11:00 AM 12:30 PM GMT

We’re behavioural experts in leadership and management development.

We’ve developed our own behavioural model ‘Why people do what they do’ which really helps business leaders understand themselves and others.

Our model, ‘Why people do what they do’, has been decades in the making and is based on our study of the behaviours of thousands of leaders, in hundreds of organisations, over many years.

We wanted to share the model at your business festival to help leaders in business, understand what motivates themselves and others. The model can predict behaviour and its effect on outcomes. It can support leaders in business to understand what's driving the (un) wanted behaviours in their people and therefore what interventions will work to change or maintain sustained behaviours.

We believe this model is unique and the benefits to business are endless. Our online event will be highly interactive, participative and engaging by discovering people's motivations and why they do what they do.