Zero Emissions, Positive Impact - the key actions to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint

By LBF2022 (other events)

Thursday, November 17 2022 1:00 PM 2:00 PM GMT

This engaging short workshop is aimed at all business types, offering an engaging introduction to how to add social value to your business operations whilst potentially reducing costs by taking steps to reduce your operational carbon footprint.

We'll explain the jargon businesses encounter about energy and climate issues, what Leicester's commitment for carbon neutrality by 2030 means for you and the key actions you can take linked to energy saving, travel, supply chains, customer engagement and more.

There will also be space for Q&A and discussion about the support your business would like to learn more about steps you can take to work towards net zero emissions.

The session is offered by the Universities Partnership members De Montfort University and University of Leicester working with Lorent Training, as part of an ongoing collaboration to support local SMEs to save energy and take action on climate change.